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Artist  Statement


­Convey Harmony & Serenity­




Painting intuitively with watercolor pigment and Chinese ink on the Chinese rice paper- Xuan paper-宣纸, my work consists of contemporary evolving Chinese freehand style brushwork and focus on the natural beauty of my living environment in Marin County, California.

To express my feelings and experiences, I use my brush and ink as a medium to depict nature and human beings in harmonious relationship as a positive aspect in my artworks’ subjects and compositions.

As hummingbirds, lovebirds and grapes, butterflies and flowers, landscapes, the Golden Gate Bridge, boats and fishermen and other people find their way into my paintings, I try to keep my creations simple, free and compact to convey harmony, serenity and love. My approach and philosophy is to bring the pleasant, cozy feeling of our daily lives to my paintings.


Since a young age, I have been passionate about all kinds of art. It was serendipity to become Professor James Yeh-Jau Liu’s private student in 1997.


I work intuitively with watercolor and Chinese black ink and brush on the Chinese xuan paper- rice paper. I prefer to do contemporary Chinese style and focus on the natural beauty of my living environment in Marin County. As a result, I am very fond of depicting birds, flowers, butterflies, and landscapes, Golden Gate Bridge, water, boats and fishermen.


Mean while, as a jewelry designer, I‘ve been working on hundreds of necklaces, matching earrings and the bracelets simultaneously.


To be a jewelry specialist, my goal is to make One-Of-A-Kind to my clients. My designs are never duplicated. Every single piece will be irreplaceable,“Just for you only!” is my slogan.


“CiCi Chao’s creations are unique and interesting.”

Sally Scott, Manager

Harper’s Bazaar




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